DECODE illustrations & icons


I was the UI/UX Designer in this project. I worked closely with Decode's Director of Product.


Decode website requires simple illustrations and icons that represent their brand's style and personality.


I was fortunate to be involved in the early stage of Decode's online branding. One of the tasks I had to complete was to create line illustrations and icons that would be used for Decode's website. These line illustrations and icons must work well with their branding. My approach was to ensure all graphic elements work together harmoniously. They need to have the same style but still differ from the surrounding illustrations/icons, while still working together as a whole. 


I chose to make the icons really simple by using lines to illustrate them.

The reason behind this is that these icons come in small-sized packages, which means that I as a designer have to find the optimal amount of detail that enables it to maintain its informational package while losing as much unnecessary “visual weight” as possible. By doing so, these icons will enable users to be more confident in their ability to understand and use both the icon and the different functions integrated within it.


These illustrations are the upgrade of the above icons. They have more detail in them, they are not used for system functions but rather created for marketing information on the website. I used the brands shapes and colours and ensured that all illustrations and icons look like they belong as a family and work together.

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